Pension System
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  R No 4, R No 8: Memorializes Congress to oppose and defeat any legislation requiring Ohio's public employees to participate in Social Security. 2-17-99 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 15: Allows members to purchase service credit covered by another non-uniformed retirement system through payroll deduction. 2-10-99 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 673: Increase the SERS service retirement benefit for retirants with more than 30 years' service credit, to increase the SERS death benefit to $1,000, and to increase SERS reimbursement for insurance coverage under Medicare Part B. 5-20-98 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 439: Permit member of the Public Employees Retirement System who resigned due to pregnancy to purchase up to one year of service credit. 5-13-98 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 648: Make changes to disability benefit programs of the five state retirement systems. 5-13-98 DOWNLOAD  
  SB 228: Regarding calculation of State Highway Patrol Retirement System pensions. 3-11-98 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 601: Permit recipient of partial disability benefits from the Police and Firemen's Disability and Pension Fund to apply for benefits based on permanent and total disability. 2-11-98 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 239: Regarding survivor benefits to children of deceased member of PERS. 1-28-98 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 578: HB578 12-10-97 DOWNLOAD  
  HB 339: Increase benefit under the State Teachers Retirement System. Effective 8/6/97. 7-23-97 DOWNLOAD